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Kristin Kreuk spreads wide for hot anal pleasure

Wednesday, March 16th, 2016

The gorgeous Kristin Kreuk’s role as Lana Lang in the hit Tv series, Smallville, may have given us and showed us only the naive part of her persona. She’s done the role for years that when taking on bigger maturer roles like the lead part in Beauty and the Beast, we still get kinda shocked seeing her lip-locked with co-actors and doing sexy bed scenes. What she ain’t showing is this side of hers, which would totally knock you off cold from that chair you’re seating on while watching this naughty anal sex video. Yes, she’s a bottom girl.

Kristin going wild in nasty anal sex

Aside from enjoying pegging some lucky bastards, she too wanted her tight round ass stuffed with something hot and big. She may very well have her own real life Superman who could fuck her bunghole as rough and deep as she want him to go, until making him spill his magic seeds inside of her. Someone who could stand long periods of time having sex with her and won’t grow tired while she’s still enjoying playtime. Also, while being a hardcore anal chick in bed, she likes a bit of nasty role play too. In this video she’s a naughty horny teen in uniform pretending to experience anal fucking for the very first time. Admit it, it is one of your fantasies, to be banging some hot campus chick and be the first to loosen that ass, yeah?

Kristin Kreuk’s sex video exposed

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

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